Nexus Cartridges Tattoo equipment 

At Nexus Cartridges you will find a wide selection of high quality tattoo equipment and accessories. The products in our range are - just like our tattoo needles - carefully selected with a focus on quality, precision and safety, so you can carry out tattoos professionally and with confidence. At Nexus Cartridges, we don't just follow industry standards - we shape them. Explore our selection that combines expertise and passion in the art of tattooing.


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Tattoo equipment for all kind of needs 

When tattooing, it is crucial that you have the relevant equipment at hand. At Nexus Cartridges we have tattoo equipment for every need. Nexus Cartridges thus contribute to making your tattoo both beautiful, precise and safe. We offer products that have been developed based on an in-depth knowledge of the craft.

A Stable base for good safety

Safety and hygiene should be given high priority when choosing tattoo equipment. We sell mattress protectors from Unigloves, so you have a firm and safe surface when performing each individual tattoo. In this way, you avoid holes in the substrate or the substrate moving when you tattoo. The practical mattress protectors also act as an effective barrier that protects the substrate from possible ink and blood. It creates a clean and safe environment during the entire tattooing process.

 Create a good starting point for your tattoo

An efficient razor is an essential element in your tattoo equipment. The scraper prepares the skin area for tattooing by effectively removing hair from the areas in question. In this way, you get an optimal start to the tattooing process.


 Optimal care and finish

Aftercare and proper care of a new tattoo is essential. Our Hemp Tattoo Care has been developed to promote the skin's healing process after tattooing. The treatment is enriched with hyaluronic acid and algae extract, which hydrates and strengthens the skin.


At Nexus Cartridges you can also find high-quality tattoo film, which helps to ensure a problem-free healing of your tattoo. The self-adhesive film reduces the formation of scabs and the risk of infection. The film also protects against rubbing from clothing and other external influences, which can have a negative effect on the healing process.


Create the best possible conditions for healthy healing with a film that maintains a moist environment and is waterproof and antibacterial. The flexibility and stretchability of the film means that your tattoo can heal beautifully and effortlessly. In this way, you can take good care of your artistic works and create an easy and positive healing process for the clients.

High quality gloves for effective protection 

When you, as a tattoo artist, work with needles and ink to create art on the clients' skin, there is a risk of coming into contact with blood, which can potentially contain bacteria and viruses. This can lead to cross contamination. To protect yourself and your clients, it is thus necessary to wear durable and cut-resistant gloves.


The benefits of investing in good and safe gloves as part of your tattoo equipment are many. Gloves primarily prevent the transfer of bacteria. There is also a risk that tattoo artists can develop contact dermatitis with a sensitivity to ink, which can cause dry, itchy and flaky skin or hives. This can also be prevented by the correct use of gloves. By prioritizing high-quality gloves, you thus create a healthier and safer workplace.


We sell a selection of packages with gloves in different sizes from the recognized brand Unigloves, so you can take good care of both clients, employees and yourself.


Find tattoo supplies at Nexus Cartridges


At Nexus Cartridges you will find the related products you need to have the best conditions for making your next tattoo. That way, you always have the best tools at hand. We strive to only supply tattoo equipment of the highest quality, with a focus on care and safety. This allows you to live out your artistic visions without limitations. Find relevant tattoo equipment for your unique needs - whether you are interested in practical equipment, effective care or something else entirely.